2017 Leaf Season

It is’s that time fo year again. Leaves are falling and you’re wondering how to properly dispose of them, well you’re in luck! Below I will explain how to properly dispose of your leaves.

For the 2017 Leaf Season the Department of Sanitation will be collecting leaves for composting in certain locations over four different days; November 12th and 26th for parts of The Bronx (Community Boards 7 & 9), Brooklyn (Community Boards 5, 9, 14, 17 & 18) and Staten Island and November 19th and December 3rd for parts of Queens (Community Boards 1, 3, 4, 6, 12, 13). *Please note if you currently receive Organics collection see instructions below.*

So now that you know when you’re leaves will be collected the next thing you must be wonder is how do I properly dispose of them? Here are some simple guideline to ensure your leaves are disposed of properly and don’t just end up in a garbage dump.

  • Leaves must be placed in a paper lawn or leaf bag or an opened unlined container.
    • Do not put leaves in plastic bags. Plastic bags will be collected as garbage and not be composed.
  • Place your bags/containers out after 4pm the day before the date listed above.
  • All yard waste that is created by for hire professionals can not be placed out. The hired lawn company must dispose of the waste on their own.
  • Special note for Brooklyn and Queens, due to the Asian Longhorn Beetle wood debris must be disposed of by scheduling a pick up with NYC Parks Department.

Now that we know how to properly dispose of our leaves you might be wondering where to get a paper lawn or leaf bag. There are a few different options; you can visit your local hardware store, visit an event that is distributing free paper bags (links to events located on DSNY website, linked below), or you can purchase them online through Amazon by clicking here or by choosing a product below.

*If you currently receive Organics Collection you can place your leaves out on your Organics Collection day.

For more information regarding Leaf Collection please list the NYC Department of Sanitations website by clicking here

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