Sanitation Commissioner Appoints New First Deputy Commissioner

An excerpt from the Department of Sanitation Press Release# 17-49

FDC Costas is the highest ranking Hispanic in the Department’s 88 year History

Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia announced today the appointment of four-star Chief Steven Costas, a 30 year veteran of the Department, to the position of First Deputy Commissioner. He is also the first Hispanic in the Department’s 88 year history to rise through the ranks to the First Deputy Commissioner position.

As the new First Deputy Commissioner (FDC), Commissioner Costas is responsible for the direction of all daily operational aspects of the Department which include the Bureau of Cleaning and Collection (BCC), the Enforcement Division, the Division of Safety and Training (DST), the Personnel Management Division (PMD), and the Field Inspection and Audit Team (FIAT). In his new role, Commissioner Costas’ key focus continues to be the implementation and expansion of organics curbside collection, which is a critical component of the Mayor’s commitment to zero waste to landfills by 2030; increasing the efficiency of the Department’s snow fighting strategy; and maintaining the Department’s record acceptably clean streets percentages of 95% or better citywide.

“I am pleased to appoint Steven Costas to his new position of First Deputy Commissioner,” said Commissioner Garcia. “Steven is the consummate professional with a keen knowledge of Sanitation whose dedication to this Department is unmatched. Throughout his career in pivotal positions in Sanitation, Steven is in total synch with the Department’s mission to expand the organics collection program and further the completion of the comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan. He is one of the City’s most capable managers who gets the job done.”

You can read the whole Press Release here: Sanitation Commissioner Appoints New First Deputy Commissioner

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