Promotion to Supervisor

Congratulation to the 56 new Supervisors being promoted as of Sunday May 14, 2017. Below is a brief (but not inclusive) description of what the job entails as stated un the Notice of Examination.

“Supervisors (Sanitation), under general supervisor, supervise street cleaning, waste collection, and snow removal operations; direct the operation of a garage, transfer stations; assist in the direction of the operation of a Sanitation district or, on a night shift, direct the operation of a Sanitation district. They supervise subordinates engaged in machine and manual cleaning of streets, waste collection, waste disposal, recycling routes, and snow removal operations; develop and revise cleaning, collection and recycling routes; inspect and patrol assigned cleaning, collection and snow outs; operate motor vehicles; plan, schedule and assign work to subordinates; enforce New York City Health and Administrative Codes, New York Public Health Laws and New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws; Radio Communications; direct the operation of a department garage, including housing, maintenance, dispatching and functioning of motor equipment; accept fuel and oversee the disbursement of fuel; maintain work performance and time records; prepare payroll; maintain inventory of tools and equipment; investigate complaints and take corrective action; investigate accidents and enforce safety regulations; analyze subordinates’ performance evaluations, work rate, identify problems and make specific recommendations; interview and counsel subordinates with regard to attendance abuse and take appropriate actions; enter and analyze data via computer terminal using Sanitation Control Analysis Network (S.C.A.N.); prepare, complete and/or review records, logs and reports; train subordinates; and preform related work.”

Click here to view a copy of the Promotion to Supervisor List.
Check out our Supervisor Uniform page here for a list of required uniforms.

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