Promotion To General Superintendent I

Congratulations to the 18 new Superintendents being promoted as of Sunday April 10th, 2016. Below is a brief description of what the jobs entails as stated in the Notice of Examination.

“This is a class of positions which encompass both managerial and non-managerial assignments. This class of positions encompasses responsible administrative or supervisory work of varying degrees of difficulty and with varying degrees of latitude for independent initiative and judgment. There are various assignment levels within this class of position. At Level I, under general direction, General Superintendents supervise a Sanitation District in the Bereau of Cleaning and Collection or in the Bureau of Solid Waste Management; may be detailed to an administrative assignment or to act in a higher level assignment; and preform related work such as the export of municipal waste to private vendors. They supervise assigned personal; direct Sanitation Functions, such as cleaning, collection, waste disposal, snow removal and other activities; preform administrative duties and special duties or assignments as directed by and at the discretion of the Commissioner of Sanitation, such as serving as Brough Operation Superintendent, or in a similar function; may attend meetings with community groups and public organizations; operate a motor vehicle; and preform related work.” 

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